It was August 6, 1945

Revelation 13:11-18

The religious thinking and feelings of Christians are centered on the ideas of the End of the World. However, the projection of these ideas over time is greatly influenced by the emotional inclinations of each practitioner of a Christian religion. Everything is done with the Bible in hand and appealing for enlightenment not to strangers.

The message of the books of Daniel and Revelation is not limited to past events, they have a projection into the future and need to be interpreted.

In modern „apocalyptic” interpretations, the idea of ​​a „new world order” currently appears. How substantiated is this?

Let us focus a little on the last beast of the prophecy of Rev. 13: 11-18, generally identified as America (USA): Is this prophetic image still to be expected to become a reality?

When E. G. White referred to the political and religious future of the world in relation to the „end time” it was the end of the 19th century, and the beginning of 20th century (she lived between 1827-1915). What did the political map of the world look like at the time?

The political and economic power of the world was concentrated in Europe. The political-administrative centers of the world empires were all gathered (except the Japanese) in Europe. It is no secret, at the time we are referring to, that political tensions were growing through competition between the new structures and the rusted ones. In 1871, a newcomer – Prussia – moved an old one that could no longer find its vocation in the architecture of Europe – France. The old Habsburg Empire – above which, in the time of Charles V, „the sun never set” – after the Napoleonic coup could barely stand on its own two feet. Old Franz-Josef was still holding on to the imperial saddle. There was also the Ottoman Empire – which united the Muslim world – with that of Sultan Abdülhamid II („the sick man of Bosphorus”), so politically shaky that even the German crutches no longer served him. The tsarist empire was more secluded.

Significant in the political life was the British Monarchy, not because of its declining economic and military power, but by family relations. George V was a cousin of Wilhelm II – Emperor of Germany – and Nicholas II – Tsar of Russia. Their grandmother – Queen Victoria – had not accepted the idea that her grandchildren should hold higher titles than she did, therefore she let her be named Empress of India. In this context, almost paranoid, the newcomer Wilhelm II – himself with the same psychological profile – manages to bring Germany to the first place, both economically and militarily (especially by sea), in record time.

It was clear to everyone that political Europe was experiencing dizzying dynamics and tensions were rising. All that was missing was the spark. It did not take long to appear from the gun of the Sarajevo Wedding Attack!

The whole structure of the European castle of playing cards would give way.

After years of war (beginning with the promise that it would last only a few months!) The fronts did not move, the wounded and the dead filled the continent, the soldiers deserted en masse.

Wilhelm II boarded Lenin in a sealed train in Switzerland and secretly landed in St. Petersburg with everything he needed to take his cousin Nicholas II off the stage. With his back covered and his financial means secured, the „revolutionary” completes his mission.


The advantage for the central powers, however, refused to show itself: on April 6, 1917, America declared war on Germany. Until then, the last prophetic beast had played the role of the lamb. He was going to become an arbiter !

When it was all over, nothing looked the same. The most problematic now was the instability of the ruins of the old politico-economic construction. Not to mention a new world order! Rather general disorder, political and economic chaos. The old order no longer existed: the German, Habsburg, and Russian world empires had disappeared from the map, followed by the Ottoman.

Wilhelm II, the architect of illusions, was now banishing his boredom by cutting wood in the park of his Dutch residence. But his former empire could not bear the humiliation. For the next 20 years a former ordinary soldier of the Habsburg imperial army (nomina odiosa!) was able to make the German economy exceed all expectations, and this – it is said – unnoticed by the tangled eyes of the world still tired of so much war.

The new conflict started again by Germany – now a republic with the pretensions of empire (Reich) – would end as we all know. Now the prophetic beast with the face of a lamb comes into play. Challenged at Pearl-Harbor by the last imperial power (Japan), America landed in Europe on June 6, 1944 – „Operation Overlord”, a suggestive name !! – and started the roller. But, because the world still did not calm down, it clearly announced, with the dragon’s voice of the lamblike beast, the taking over of the world command! It Proceeded as you do in any army in the world: the new commander shouts loudly „Attention!” (Hiroshima: August 6, 1945) and, after a reasonable pause to be heard by all, followed the order „Order from me!” (Nagasaki: August 9, 1945). Thus the prophetic moment became officially and generally known.

The two conflagrations were not just wars but the equivalent of world revolutions!

Some are still waiting for a future „new world order.” Regrets! It’s been established for a long time, so it’s not „new” at all! No contemporary political actor is pursuing a world leadership, they are all actively integrated into the already established order. What other order could appear? Maybe tactical… disorder!

Let’s not talk about another, future „world order”! More realistic is to identify the intentions of spiritual disorder, generated for the „deception of the inhabitants of the Earth”! Example of the New Age „movement” with its intrinsic feminism: deception and chaos raised to the rank of ideal!

Returning to the question I started with, the answer cannot be more than one:

No, the prophetic image of the times before the end can no longer BECOME a reality, it has long been a reality!

We have recently celebrated 100 years since the fall of the old-world order (1919) and 75 years since the establishment of the new world order (1945). We also have heard the epochal message: „The Cold War is over!”.

Let’s not get distracted by the „green horses” of conspiracy theorists. There will be no „new world order”! All that remains was for time to end as we were promised, unexpectedly!


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Lacatusu, T.: It was August 6, 1945. Mesagerul 2020; 3: 8-9.

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